Why You Should Do Organic Farming?

Why You Should Do Organic Farming?

People nowadays check for the label if the product is organic or not. You might have observed that be it health products, cosmetic products, and food products. There are important reasons why you should consider opting for organic products and if you are someone who likes to grow their own things and be totally be eco- friendly then you should start practice organic farming.

  1. Reduces Use Of Pesticides

The use of pesticides gets eliminated in this type of farming. Pesticides and chemicals are known to cause damage to the environment by chemically reacting with the plants and hence damaging the quality of the plants. It is a common practice for farmers to spray chemicals on agricultural products like fruits and vegetables.  When people consume such products it disrupts the biology of human beings. Prolong exposures to chemicals can cause complication which might need medical attention. Using organic pesticides helps in improving the quality of the plants and corps.

  1. Make Soil Healthy

When the soil is exposed to harsh chemicals it kills all the good bacteria present in it and hence damages the ecology of the soil. No doubt chemicals can enhance the soil quality but the downside is that over time it strips of the nutrients and hence damages the quality of the soil. Researchers have shown that a tablespoon contains 1 million of friendly bacteria when it is free from chemicals but the same spoon contained about thousands of good bacteria treated using inorganic chemicals. Organic farming helps to prevent serious land issues like erosion and droughts.

  1. Conserves Water

The world is suffering from water crisis and places like Cape Town, Madras area already running out of water. Most of 1/3 of water are used for agriculture and farming so it is important of farmers to conserve water. It is shown that organic farming requires less water because it is done in small setup and organic products are not mass-produced like scientifically produced products.

  1. Helps Biodiversity

Organic farming is not friendly to the soil and the plants but it can be a nesting ground for different kinds of micro-organism, bacteria, birds, and animals. It helps to conserve the biodiversity and ecosystem among all the living organism. For example, animals living in farms can be feed on chemical-free products.


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