Companies establishing the future of organic farming

Companies establishing the future of organic farming

Organic term is everywhere and demanded by customers. In this article we have mentioned some companies name who are helping to revolutionize organic farming and build them into a successful, profitable, and sustainable sector of Agriculture.

  • Vestaron – They are the winner of Michigan SmartZone small business of the year award. It is developing and marketing their safe and effective bio insecticides derived from naturally occurring peptides. They are EPA approved and their products have high rate of efficacy.
  • Apeel Sciences – They are using natural, plant based technologies to protect the crops, helping to reduce product spoilage and dependence on chemical methods. Their technological advances have been featured in National Geographic, Forbes, etc.

  • Biofarm – It is shortening the supply chain between producer and consumer, ensuring freshness and quality. Consumers can come and plant their trees and after it yields fruits they can come and take the fruits or get home delivery withing 24 or 48 hours. They secure their revenue digitally in an innovative way.
  • Omni Earth – This company is making its name in the vermi compost market. The product goes through much experimenting and research. They are growing very fastly in the line of organic farming.
  • Provivi – It is a natural company using natural processes to develop safer, more effective, environmentally friendly products to protect crops from pests. They bare producing pheromone products which help to protect crops.
  • Indigo – They use data analytics software and microbial treatments to sustainably grow common agricultural crops. They also offer seed treatments for corn, cotton, rice, soybeans and wheat.
  • AgBiome – They are using new knowledge of the plant associated microbiome to create new agricultural products to combat unsolved problems related to insects, nematodes, and diseases. They are growing very fastly and getting famous in the market.

  • Wiserg – It is reinventing traditional food waste management by harvesting today’s food scrap to create the organic fertilizers to grow future’s crop. Innovative technology prevents the scraps from putrefying, reducing the pest, greenhouse gas emissions and odors. It started in 2018 with $19.2 M in series C funding.

It is not easy to develop technologies which support the natural environment and organic things. There is a strong consumer demand for agriculture to move towards management practices that use the less synthetic chemicals. We hope this article has given you an idea that how some companies are really working hard to make the organic things rise more and everyone stays safe from harmful chemicals.


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