All You Need to know about Horticulture

All You Need to know about Horticulture

Horticulture is a study of gardening and behavioral of plants. It is supposed to be an interesting subject, which has lot of growth in future as you can expect heavy revenue from agriculture and horticulture. Both these fields are different from each other and have equal importance in the market. As, we are born and bought up injecting things like if you do engineering or MBBS, you will fetch a job in future but that is not the things there are lot of scope for horticulture, just that we don’t follow our passion due to some external pressure:

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  • Horticulture as a Career

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Horticulture as a career seems to be a bold step as all of us are into money making and we feel it is very difficult to earn back the money that we have spent on our education. But yes, if you are ready to follow your passion, then horticulture is way to go. At times, I feel that we should follow our passion and should not look at money. Follow the path, money will come back of you. If you follow money, you will end up losing it one day for sure.

  • Weather Conditions

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Gardening is a part of horticulture and it depends on the weather condition whenever you are practicing it. Well, supposed you want to cultivate a agriculture land. Weather conditions are the main factors that would affect it for sure. For instance, you grow rice and there is heavy rain expected, all your hard work goes in vein. So, plan accordingly and then execute things as it money is involved, you might incur loss.

  • How Agriculture is Different from Horticulture?

Horticulture is something that is done on a smaller scale and in enclosed areas but agriculture is done on a large scale and has many things to look at as agriculture is a vast field and needs man power to cultivate things on a bigger scale. Though it looks easy but it is not. Each day is a new and unpredictable day! I feel that youngsters should try coming into these fields and introduce some of the ongoing technologies to cultivate better crops.

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